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Phone number: (616) 378-6152
Comment by Josh Capizzi at 2019-03-20 15:51:44 Type: Hang up
Comment: Dickhead
Phone number: (662) 393-3801
Comment by Julie at 2019-03-20 05:45:18 Type: Scam
Comment: Teenagers used my phone number and credit card number to order pizza online. They live at 3300 Fairmeadow Drive; Horn Lake, Mississippi. I live in Texas. It was easy to track them down....they gave their address to Domino's. I did a reverse search and figured the rest out. The manager went and asked them if they ordered pizza...they said yes and gave them my credit card info.....said I was their mom.....manager was smarter than that (since we already talked on the phone). He asked to see the card and they said no. Wish I was closer so I could do something more about this....
Phone number: (425) 405-431
Comment by Alan at 2019-03-20 04:02:49 Type: Scam
Comment: Likely scam trying to use fraudulent or stolen paypal account to pay you for your car. They then pick up the car and it's gone... And you owe the money back to the owner of the stolen account.
Phone number: (815) 229-1899
Comment by Diane Bryant at 2019-03-20 03:27:00 Type: Unknown
Comment: This number is listed as Doreen Novak. This is no longer her number. This phone number is Thinfast MD 461 N. Mulford Rd, Ste 9 Rockford, IL 61107. Please correct the listing. Thank you
Phone number: (252) 548-1452
Comment by Bob Johnson at 2019-03-20 03:12:07 Type: Hang up
Comment: Who is this?
Phone number: (507) 217-642
Comment by Candy at 2019-03-20 00:42:47 Type: Scam
Comment: Foreign man says name Dan. Claims calling from shipping department of medicare. Wants to know if I received back brace. This is part of a larger scam with foreigners and ridgeline medical. Not ridgeline medical in Chattanooga,tn. Think its company in Florida. Some how they get personal medical records and tell you product is covered under medicare wellness.
Phone number: (646) 248-8846
Comment by   at 2019-03-20 00:42:46 Type: Scam
Comment: Carlos T Ycaza aka Fabara Carlos Ycaza, Jerry W Bruce (718-392-9282) Male From Woodside, New York 11377 USERNAME pichin3 PHONES 718-392-9282 , 718-392-8277 LOCATION 4855-4H 43rd Street, Woodside, New York Carlos Ycaza, 755 Southern Blvd #3E, Bronx, NY 10455 · (718) 860-1362 Carlos T Ycaza , Male, Age 73 Woodside, NY 11377 Deltona, FL Volusia, FL Paterson, NJ Relatives Nelly M Jaramillo Jose Luis Ycaza Jaramillo Jose Ycaza Jaramillo Juan Carlos Ycaza Jaramillo Carlos Ycaza | Deltona, Florida Male, Age: 73 Relatives: Jose Ycaza Phone Number: 646-248-8846, 718-392-8277, 386-218-4762 Social Profiles: Twitter Email: carlo*****, cyc***, cyc***, fatima******, fatima******, fatima******, fatima******, fatima******, joseyc******, pic*** Addresses: 1801 Belspring Ave, Deltona, FL; 4855 43rd St Apt 4h, Woodside, NY 11377; 4855 43rd St, Woodside, NY 11377 Juan Ycaza aka: Juan Carlos Ycaza 42, Jose L Ycaza, 44, Juan Domino, Male, Age 42 or 44 755 Southern Blvd #3E, Bronx, NY 10455 · (718) 860-1362 Relatives Carlos Ycaza Maria Ycaza Carlos Zurita Related to: Angel Zurita, 82 Maria V Zurita, 89 Violeta A Ycaza, 67 Juan C Ycaza, 25 Gilberto Zurita Carlos Luis Lopez, 79 Luis E Zurita, 91 Mayling J Ycaza, 39 Marjorie Zurita, 57 -AND/OR- Jerry W Bruce aka Carlos T Ycaza, Male, Age 73 Current & Past Addresses Home address, apartment, business, and rental property addresses for Jerry Bruce 1801 Belspring Ave Deltona, FL 32725-3876 4855 43rd St #4H Woodside, NY 11377-6819 4855 43rd St Woodside, NY 11377-6852 1 James St Paterson, NJ 07502-1901 1 James St #2 Paterson, NJ 07502-1901 1801 Belspring Ave Volusia, FL 231 Edmund Ave Paterson, NJ 07502-1814 Also lived in Volusia FL Phone Numbers Cell/mobile/wireless phone number and home telephone numbers for Jerry Bruce (646) 248-8846, (718) 392-8277, (386) 218-4762, (916) 832-0625, (310) 398-2709, (718) 392-9282, (443) 522-9076 Associated Names Akas, alternate spellings, misspellings, maiden and married names for Jerry Bruce Carlos T Ycazafabara, Carlos Ycaza, Carlos T Ycaza, Fabara Carlos Ycaza Possible Relatives Brothers, sisters, mother, father, wife, husband and exes for Jerry Bruce Jose L Ycaza, Juan C Ycaza Possible Associates Current and old roommates, friends, and extended family for Jerry Bruce Nelly Jaramillo, Balmore U Saenz, Baltazara L Gonzales, Christopher M Gonzales, Esmeralda Olmedo, Jackeline V Gonzales, Jorge F Maravi
Phone number: (917) 969-1036
Comment by Alan Duncan at 2019-03-20 00:29:36 Type: Unknown
Comment: OK
Phone number: (630) 457-1396
Comment by Wally at 2019-03-19 23:58:54 Type: Unknown
Comment: They call Many times and no body answered
Phone number: (217) 824-1995
Comment by Timothy Garrett at 2019-03-19 22:07:31 Type: Unknown
Comment: unknow
Phone number: (660) 438-8794
Comment by lloyd at 2019-03-19 21:25:22 Type: Unknown
Comment: don't know
Phone number: (956) 225-8351
Comment by regina hernandez at 2019-03-19 21:13:56 Type: Survey
Comment: .
Phone number: (503) 916-1961
Comment by Kathlena at 2019-03-19 19:18:32 Type: Unknown
Comment: Looking for name of this number
Phone number: (832) 604-574
Comment by Mary at 2019-03-19 19:01:27 Type: Scam
Comment: no message--called back a few minutes later and the "subscriber was not available" -scam or telemarketer likely
Phone number: (281) 882-4835
Comment by matt at 2019-03-19 18:00:45 Type: Unknown
Comment: random call
Phone number: (715) 923-403
Comment by Amanda at 2019-03-19 12:04:13 Type: Unknown
Comment: Keeps calling me
Phone number: (303) 669-1259
Comment by Tammy wise at 2019-03-19 02:03:42 Type: Unknown
Comment: Want to know whos calling me
Phone number: (407) 927-364
Comment by Frank at 2019-03-19 01:58:18 Type: Silence
Comment: Say nothing
Phone number: (214) 453-1994
Comment by homey at 2019-03-19 00:21:52 Type: Scam
Comment: it goes like caller: Mr F....R homey : No, who you're looking for exactly and who r u? caller : just hangup. With lots of noise in the back round, indication of some sort of a whole sale scam happening.
Phone number: (267) 496-1824
Comment by Debbie at 2019-03-18 20:23:10 Type: Unknown
Comment: I keep getting a call from this number. I don't answer it because I don't recognize it. When I call the number back I get a recording saying this person is not accepting calls at this time.
Phone number: (734) 672-5980
Comment by cate at 2019-03-18 18:08:43 Type: Unknown
Comment: hi
Phone number: (605) 334-239
Comment by Mlm at 2019-03-18 17:30:04 Type: Unknown
Comment: Who is it
Phone number: (973) 943-1730
Comment by dd at 2019-03-18 17:22:42 Type: Unknown
Comment: ssd
Phone number: (954) 294-1455
Comment by This is my number at 2019-03-18 16:51:46 Type: Scam
Comment: This is my phone number. You have it improperly listed resulting in much spam to my cell. Please remove or I will file a claim.
Phone number: (619) 490-8274
Comment by Jen Lagarza at 2019-03-18 09:48:56 Type: Unknown
Comment: No comment at the moment
Phone number: (323) 589-6513
Comment by Cristito Arroyo at 2019-03-18 04:43:33 Type: Text message
Comment: hi tita c cris ni ta. musta na ta?
Phone number: (818) 908-2788
Comment by jj at 2019-03-17 23:05:28 Type: Hang up
Comment: jj
Phone number: (404) 524-7707
Comment by Tia at 2019-03-17 18:32:13 Type: Hang up
Comment: Keeps calling dont say anything
Phone number: (408) 829-5333
Comment by Al Koval at 2019-03-17 16:54:18 Type: Text message
Comment: none
Phone number: (828) 315-1948
Comment by Shawn at 2019-03-17 08:01:31 Type: Text message
Comment: Just wondering who it is
Phone number: (203) 605-5451
Comment by Bob at 2019-03-17 04:15:17 Type: Unknown
Comment: Not sure
Phone number: (530) 305-1719
Comment by Candace oneil at 2019-03-17 01:15:27 Type: Text message
Comment: Crazy
Phone number: (954) 464-1245
Comment by Taylor Ashley at 2019-03-17 00:00:17 Type: Unknown
Comment: Calls & calls, but never leaves a message
Phone number: (979) 341-3414
Comment by Chach at 2019-03-16 21:20:34 Type: Cheater
Comment: Cheating wife
Phone number: (571) 225-6193
Comment by dave rivera at 2019-03-16 19:29:00 Type: Silence
Comment: no one on other end
Phone number: (905) 680-155
Comment by Dave at 2019-03-16 19:18:43 Type: Hang up
Comment: Calls every damm day
Phone number: (810) 853-9674
Comment by amy donaldson at 2019-03-16 17:36:00 Type: Text message
Comment: i feel better now mom!
Phone number: (479) 427-1096
Comment by Annynomus at 2019-03-16 13:19:44 Type: Unknown
Comment: Called my husband phone in middle of night duo call not happy
Phone number: (515) 851-1543
Comment by Kathy at 2019-03-16 04:45:52 Type: Prank call
Comment: It was a recording
Phone number: (770) 683-6125
Comment by Jordan at 2019-03-16 02:05:39 Type: Unknown
Comment: Je veux avoir des informations sur la personne
Phone number: (720) 849-7938
Comment by Tom James at 2019-03-16 01:13:07 Type: Unknown
Comment: Called but did not leave a voicemail.
Phone number: (859) 749-1884
Comment by Carl at 2019-03-16 00:52:31 Type: Text message
Comment: His
Phone number: (718) 628-104
Comment by Andres Sánchez at 2019-03-16 00:41:25 Type: Hang up
Comment: Its great
Phone number: (740) 227-9196
Comment by Carlie hutchinson at 2019-03-15 23:42:35 Type: Unknown
Comment: Its me
Phone number: (540) 232-1172
Comment by Hypatia at 2019-03-15 22:28:11 Type: Telemarketer
Comment: jjkk
Phone number: (720) 746-1238
Comment by Araceli Chavirra at 2019-03-15 19:35:55 Type: Scam
Comment: This phone number calls and never answers or when we dial back it says its disconnected.
Phone number: (219) 613-8329
Comment by Helen Greenfield at 2019-03-15 18:47:53 Type: Hang up
Comment: This number called more than once with hang up
Phone number: (408) 582-7316
Comment by J.C. at 2019-03-15 18:32:57 Type: Unknown
Comment: Calls two times in a row. Second instance. No voice mail left
Phone number: (920) 432-1601
Comment by tony mills at 2019-03-15 17:36:42 Type: Unknown
Comment: who's number is this
Phone number: (912) 220-1726
Comment by Marie Green at 2019-03-15 16:56:12 Type: Unknown
Comment: Unknown
Phone number: (469) 327-6607
Comment by Dennis Etheridge at 2019-03-15 16:02:12 Type: Unknown
Comment: Poor quality robo call from an agency claiming that a legal action had been filed against my ssn. Name of agency was not clearly stated.
Phone number: (912) 655-43
Comment by Ree at 2019-03-15 14:42:08 Type: Unknown
Comment: Idk
Phone number: (407) 910-7205
Comment by da7man at 2019-03-15 07:04:39 Type: Cheater
Comment: 3chirti
Phone number: (660) 219-9970
Comment by David at 2019-03-15 06:29:59 Type: Prank call
Comment: Nasty person
Phone number: (765) 821-1062
Comment by Bob snow at 2019-03-15 03:29:25 Type: Hang up
Comment: Wtf?
Phone number: (813) 210-1743
Comment by Sharon Moyer at 2019-03-15 02:15:18 Type: Hang up
Comment: Unknown
Phone number: (707) 776-6581
Comment by gift card email/text scammer at 2019-03-14 23:33:22 Type: Scam
Comment: scammer
Phone number: (914) 417-1755
Comment by Al krkeger at 2019-03-14 21:31:36 Type: Unknown
Comment: Unless,it’s a hologram room 202,I have orders from Jeremy reuling,send psycho paths to st.vincents hospital in Harrison where Jeremy reuling works! He also works at 29 sterling ave in white plains!
Phone number: (815) 733-1067
Comment by mehmet at 2019-03-14 20:17:14 Type: Non-profit organization
Comment: ı want to talk my frıend
Phone number: (724) 991-1537
Comment by ANONYMOUS01 at 2019-03-14 18:03:00 Type: Unknown
Comment: Called cell phone after 11:30AM ET from Butler PA (caller ID unknown) - with no voice message being left. (possible scam, robo caller, Spoofing) Found nothing online about the number other than a reference to a 2 people by the name of Meghan Wingerson & Jack B (100-118 Morton Avenue, butler PA).
Phone number: (616) 745-1965
Comment by Versile at 2019-03-14 17:19:54 Type: Cheater
Comment: unsafe caller
Phone number: (503) 330-131
Comment by min at 2019-03-14 16:10:38 Type: Scam
Comment: Know
Phone number: (347) 351-3761
Comment by Lisa at 2019-03-14 02:28:54 Type: Unknown
Comment: None
Phone number: (787) 413-5092
Comment by Elizabeth at 2019-03-14 02:10:20 Type: Silence
Comment: I dont know
Phone number: (760) 344-5038
Comment by KAREN at 2019-03-14 00:10:48 Type: Unknown
Comment: NO
Phone number: (716) 598-8582
Comment by Guest at 2019-03-14 00:08:53 Type: Unknown
Comment: Threat caller
Phone number: (352) 365-1390
Comment by DianaM at 2019-03-14 00:01:54 Type: Scam
Comment: Says if you have a credit card congratulations making perfect payments...what creditcard?
Phone number: (281) 540-790
Comment by Leslie Welker at 2019-03-13 23:40:39 Type: Unknown
Comment: unknown caller
Phone number: (407) 697-1024
Comment by Vera at 2019-03-13 21:03:31 Type: Unknown
Comment: The caller ask me if I called them I said no and hung up.
Phone number: (239) 395-554
Comment by Frank Camper at 2019-03-13 19:22:17 Type: Silence
Comment: I know who you are. I shall come and see you soon. FJC
Phone number: (770) 693-4461
Comment by Sam jones at 2019-03-13 19:01:25 Type: Unknown
Comment: Searching for missing person
Phone number: (240) 418-1525
Comment by pablo at 2019-03-13 15:48:26 Type: Silence
Comment: silent
Phone number: (601) 850-997
Comment by Natasha at 2019-03-13 13:17:55 Type: Unknown
Comment: .
Phone number: (281) 806-2286
Comment by sad at 2019-03-13 08:52:49 Type: Prank call
Comment: sad
Phone number: (406) 756-1103
Comment by Cara at 2019-03-13 04:19:36 Type: Unknown
Comment: Who's number pls
Phone number: (703) 608-1231
Comment by Rob at 2019-03-13 03:58:43 Type: Unknown
Comment: No comment
Phone number: (917) 816-1039
Comment by Jean at 2019-03-13 03:05:01 Type: Unknown
Comment: .
Phone number: (250) 881-1418
Comment by Leslie at 2019-03-13 02:08:29 Type: Unknown
Comment: I suspect this call might have been from someone looking for money, they did not leave a voice message but didn't hang up before my machine picked up so they used some of the limited space I have, most annoying! The number has been blocked, I do not donate over the phone and I chose who I wish to donate to!!
Phone number: (630) 794-2082
Comment by Pk at 2019-03-13 01:10:15 Type: Unknown
Comment: Appears to be a Robo call, no one speaks
Phone number: (562) 230-1607
Comment by Gary Cooper at 2019-03-13 00:47:17 Type: Silence
Comment: They wouldn't answer every return call I tried
Phone number: (315) 244-1682
Comment by Lindsie at 2019-03-12 21:08:25 Type: Text message
Comment: bjh
Phone number: (503) 358-1585
Comment by Matt at 2019-03-12 18:57:09 Type: Unknown
Comment: ?
Phone number: (718) 882-7455
Comment by carlo tuzzi at 2019-03-12 17:51:03 Type: Text message
Comment: did Ms. Teresa (Polish) work for you in 2009/2010? please phone +48609613047
Phone number: (713) 478-1944
Comment by Mickey Martin at 2019-03-12 16:44:25 Type: Unknown
Comment: xx
Phone number: (330) 224-1223
Comment by Lisa Brooks at 2019-03-12 15:47:50 Type: Unknown
Comment: This number has called me saying i called them yesterday. It is a woman. Aftrr getting no info she hangs up.
Phone number: (920) 876-1616
Comment by ya right at 2019-03-12 02:47:24 Type: Unknown
Comment: na
Phone number: (801) 615-1513
Comment by Frank Pendleton at 2019-03-12 01:56:24 Type: Silence
Comment: xzr
Phone number: (315) 516-1210
Comment by Cara at 2019-03-12 00:15:21 Type: Unknown
Comment: Non
Phone number: (309) 376-8541
Comment by Joan Hurd at 2019-03-11 23:43:03 Type: Unknown
Comment: Called left no message
Phone number: (419) 512-9928
Comment by Cool cool at 2019-03-11 20:19:09 Type: Non-profit organization
Comment: i think it's really awesome that your website wants to solicit information about phone numbers from users for free, but then wants to charge people to access that information after you've collected it at no cost to yourself. great website.
Phone number: (920) 619-1086
Comment by John at 2019-03-11 19:56:23 Type: Unknown
Comment: Point of contact for something.
Phone number: (416) 491-1259
Comment by josh at 2019-03-11 19:06:24 Type: Unknown
Comment: unknown
Phone number: (832) 372-816
Comment by gloria at 2019-03-11 18:20:32 Type: Hang up
Comment: received call
Phone number: (203) 722-9560
Comment by test at 2019-03-11 17:35:49 Type: Unknown
Comment: *
Phone number: (917) 378-6793
Comment by ddd at 2019-03-11 16:34:31 Type: Hang up
Comment: ddddd
Phone number: (608) 362-3365
Comment by Bill jackson at 2019-03-11 16:31:04 Type: Unknown
Comment: Unknown caller
Phone number: (719) 963-6637
Comment by Mike at 2019-03-11 16:05:32 Type: Unknown
Comment: Not sure
Phone number: (785) 650-2442
Comment by Matt at 2019-03-11 06:39:17 Type: Hang up
Comment: ..
Phone number: (305) 434-5577
Comment by Concerned Citizen at 2019-03-11 05:46:59 Type: Political call
Comment: Political call
Phone number: (603) 770-2166
Comment by jazzy at 2019-03-11 03:56:12 Type: Cheater
Comment: Texted someone i know and im finding out why?