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Phone number: (786) 439-4465
Comment by Rafael gonzalez at 2018-12-31 22:59:28 Type: Unknown
Comment: Cell number
Phone number: (561) 584-2598
Comment by Ingrid Caro at 2018-12-31 17:07:51 Type: Unknown
Comment: secret phone found
Phone number: (714) 846-5993
Comment by amy lee at 2018-12-31 04:56:01 Type: Non-profit organization
Comment: nobe
Phone number: (904) 329-6088
Comment by Ann at 2018-12-30 13:04:39 Type: Debt collector
Comment: Unknown
Phone number: (785) 249-4789
Comment by Jan leach at 2018-12-30 11:15:57 Type: Silence
Comment: Wondering who called
Phone number: (770) 315-8955
Comment by Chesna greene at 2018-12-30 10:48:43 Type: Unknown
Comment: I don't know who they are
Phone number: (718) 496-3234
Comment by Wyvette at 2018-12-30 09:13:54 Type: Unknown
Comment: Who's number is this?
Phone number: (818) 724-7471
Comment by Chris Jafari at 2018-12-30 05:49:15 Type: Unknown
Comment: This is a legit line. What you'll find yourself doing is conducting professional business with Edifice Productions
Phone number: (281) 771-2946
Comment by gail frazier at 2018-12-29 23:47:38 Type: Unknown
Comment: none
Phone number: (561) 687-9394
Comment by Akm at 2018-12-29 19:29:39 Type: Unknown
Comment: No comment
Phone number: (513) 451-4897
Comment by Ann Gry at 2018-12-29 18:11:48 Type: Scam
Comment: Caller left message about getting a discount on my electric bill.
Phone number: (614) 321-1369
Comment by Deej at 2018-12-28 23:07:56 Type: Unknown
Comment: Called me 3 times and sent the below 2 text messages Aye It's little bro that be at the store
Phone number: (847) 465-4322
Comment by andrzej at 2018-12-28 07:59:41 Type: Scam
Comment: none info
Phone number: (559) 799-2622
Comment by Jorge medina at 2018-12-28 04:57:05 Type: Unknown
Comment: Would like to know who called me
Phone number: (305) 926-9202
Comment by kath at 2018-12-28 04:20:03 Type: Unknown
Comment: nn
Phone number: (417) 529-1818
Comment by Dale at 2018-12-28 02:38:25 Type: Unknown
Comment: Wondering
Phone number: (417) 773-3521
Comment by EFowler at 2018-12-28 00:33:53 Type: Scam
Comment: This person robbed my daughter of $600!
Phone number: (706) 299-466
Comment by Matt at 2018-12-27 23:44:26 Type: Unknown
Comment: I dont know
Phone number: (585) 309-2183
Comment by Ryan at 2018-12-27 23:12:05 Type: Scam
Comment: Low life scammer.
Phone number: (646) 369-2829
Comment by nnnnn at 2018-12-27 20:35:31 Type: Unknown
Comment: nnnnnnnn
Phone number: (806) 435-3217
Comment by xyz at 2018-12-27 19:08:53 Type: Unknown
Comment: no help
Phone number: (905) 858-2858
Comment by Pk at 2018-12-27 13:48:38 Type: Cheater
Comment: Wrong
Phone number: (626) 709-8574
Comment by ggg at 2018-12-27 06:41:01 Type: Unknown
Comment: hhh
Phone number: (678) 338-7824
Comment by Debi at 2018-12-27 00:32:20 Type: Unknown
Comment: Called my cell phone 7 times within 45 minutes. The times I did answer they hung up on me!!!
Phone number: (619) 618-1857
Comment by Rita at 2018-12-26 23:19:57 Type: Unknown
Comment: call no vm
Phone number: (714) 856-1616
Comment by Arie at 2018-12-26 20:39:38 Type: Unknown
Comment: I received a text from this number.
Phone number: (716) 605-4224
Comment by Joe jones at 2018-12-26 19:44:50 Type: Unknown
Comment: Need info on cheating girlfriend
Phone number: (250) 827-3635
Comment by Karl Gruber at 2018-12-26 15:49:05 Type: Unknown
Comment: Mein Name ist Karl Gruber aus Österreich. Ich bin auf der suche nach Hebeisen Willi.
Phone number: (270) 300-6332
Comment by Mary ann at 2018-12-26 14:04:01 Type: Hang up
Phone number: (626) 217-2277
Comment by Anonymous at 2018-12-26 01:31:27 Type: Cheater
Comment: The person says he is a registered sex offender and very horny. Blocked the caller.
Phone number: (415) 862-7966
Comment by It's my line and your info is way off at 2018-12-26 00:02:05 Type: Unknown
Comment: Not a Landline! It is a VOIP number.... SCAM Info site!
Phone number: (415) 862-7966
Comment by It's my line and your info is way off at 2018-12-25 23:59:43 Type: Unknown
Comment: Ran a check on my own number and the basic FREE info is incorrect so then why pay for more fake info?
Phone number: (813) 657-2933
Comment by Robert Schneider at 2018-12-25 20:14:36 Type: Text message
Comment: Good
Phone number: (757) 746-3854
Comment by Ericka avendano at 2018-12-25 12:11:33 Type: Silence
Comment: Nothing
Phone number: (360) 888-2192
Comment by Mike jobes at 2018-12-25 07:17:48 Type: Scam
Comment: this guy is a real dirt bag, should never be allowed on someone's roof, i agree with someone else request to blow his phone up and let him kno, we aren't standing by idle anymore
Phone number: (360) 888-2192
Comment by Mike jobes at 2018-12-25 06:57:45 Type: Scam
Comment: this guy is a real dirt bag, should never be allowed on someone's roof, i agree with someone else request to blow his phone up and let him kno, we aren't standing by idle anymore
Phone number: (818) 625-5946
Comment by JB at 2018-12-25 06:54:37 Type: Text message
Comment: 2 Spam texts - links to something about Yelp.
Phone number: (518) 330-5941
Comment by Jos teisman at 2018-12-24 20:43:58 Type: Unknown
Comment: Old AT&T Friend
Phone number: (630) 805-212
Comment by kevin chart at 2018-12-24 12:32:46 Type: Unknown
Comment: hi
Phone number: (646) 228-8071
Comment by Roberta Orru at 2018-12-24 12:01:01 Type: Unknown
Comment: Ho ricevuto una chiamata da questo numero
Phone number: (760) 207-3702
Comment by Robert Martinez at 2018-12-24 09:12:02 Type: Cheater
Comment: Child predator
Phone number: (520) 275-1230
Comment by Tawnya Bart at 2018-12-24 02:13:14 Type: Unknown
Comment: Na
Phone number: (970) 689-1080
Comment by Tony Gezzi at 2018-12-23 18:12:01 Type: Unknown
Comment: Please delete my info from your database for safety and security. Anthony Gezzi Tony Gezzi 970-689-1080 1125.....Fort Collins, Colorado Anything else related to the names above. Please let me know when completed. Thanks.
Phone number: (218) 213-2591
Comment by Leah at 2018-12-23 15:14:08 Type: Hang up
Comment: Continue to call.
Phone number: (612) 221-1838
Comment by Denise at 2018-12-23 07:13:46 Type: Unknown
Comment: Keeps calling my boyfriend not saying anything
Phone number: (504) 365-1569
Comment by Linda at 2018-12-23 07:12:34 Type: Unknown
Comment: No response.
Phone number: (330) 268-7581
Comment by Amy wiegreff at 2018-12-23 04:43:24 Type: Unknown
Comment: Trying to get my dads number
Phone number: (706) 951-8180
Comment by Lisa at 2018-12-23 03:24:09 Type: Unknown
Comment: missed this call
Phone number: (662) 889-359
Comment by sadsadas at 2018-12-22 16:41:45 Type: Unknown
Comment: fsdafdfd
Phone number: (254) 366-8068
Comment by Jennifer Walker at 2018-12-22 13:00:06 Type: Unknown
Comment: Guy i meeting
Phone number: (707) 826-210
Comment by Jesse Mayhan at 2018-12-22 03:17:00 Type: Unknown
Comment: Shwag
Phone number: (415) 922-7474
Comment by Jean at 2018-12-22 00:09:23 Type: Unknown
Comment: Some robo call about interest rates
Phone number: (615) 427-2891
Comment by Jason at 2018-12-22 00:07:40 Type: Unknown
Comment: Was doing roof and the time and change to another position
Phone number: (512) 453-6284
Comment by jl at 2018-12-21 22:32:43 Type: Unknown
Comment: .
Phone number: (909) 610-3419
Comment by Pete Mathis at 2018-12-21 12:45:29 Type: Scam
Comment: They claim to be a loan company they are nigger thieves
Phone number: (708) 991-7704
Comment by KP at 2018-12-21 02:28:27 Type: Scam
Comment: Caller seeking personal information about employment and income. Posing as a debt collector with false account details.
Phone number: (612) 562-8859
Comment by Elizabeth Munoz at 2018-12-20 23:41:41 Type: Unknown
Comment: Trying to eliminate possible scammer
Phone number: (925) 699-6901
Comment by Fran at 2018-12-20 22:28:46 Type: Unknown
Comment: Didn't answer, but called the number back on a land line. They answered and I asked what company is this. He replied it's not a company. It's a personal consulting? I asked him not to call me anymore. He replied, he didn't call me. Of course he wouldn't know because I called him on a landline. He calls almost everyday. Never leaves a message.
Phone number: (270) 320-8849
Comment by Tammy Westmoreland at 2018-12-20 17:39:17 Type: Unknown
Comment: Just wanted to see if it was a prank
Phone number: (909) 610-3419
Comment by Pete Mathis at 2018-12-20 13:37:05 Type: Scam
Comment: They claimed to be a lending agency they are not they lie and stealy they lied to me did fraud on my bank account and got it closed and and went toewstern union
Phone number: (469) 337-7845
Comment by Linda Corrao at 2018-12-20 03:04:32 Type: Telemarketer
Comment: Call about home security and they called many times. Hung up when I answered yes but I don’t own a home. Concerned it’s a scam trying to use my answer against me.
Phone number: (503) 988-4727
Comment by me yu at 2018-12-20 00:57:09 Type: Silence
Comment: idk
Phone number: (850) 585-3172
Comment by Harruo Potter at 2018-12-20 00:47:20 Type: Prank call
Comment: ................................
Phone number: (631) 428-3912
Comment by Albert A Heiserer at 2018-12-20 00:26:53 Type: Silence
Comment: Hung up
Phone number: (469) 835-6720
Comment by Robert Jones at 2018-12-20 00:03:46 Type: Unknown
Comment: Calls leaves no message. Meaning it is a spam call. Don't answer.
Phone number: (416) 698-9361
Comment by Shahriar at 2018-12-19 22:40:32 Type: Cheater
Comment: I am getting call from this number , some lady is disturbing me all the time...
Phone number: (520) 873-8029
Comment by Hector at 2018-12-19 20:36:41 Type: Unknown
Comment: unknown
Phone number: (805) 207-707
Comment by pegah at 2018-12-19 16:01:11 Type: Unknown
Comment: hi
Phone number: (954) 288-9202
Comment by Gary at 2018-12-18 17:06:03 Type: Unknown
Comment: None
Phone number: (330) 928-8717
Comment by Lisa capura at 2018-12-18 14:53:57 Type: Unknown
Comment: Looking for a certain person
Phone number: (607) 654-8772
Comment by Margot at 2018-12-18 11:49:29 Type: Prank call
Comment: Called me at 3:30 in the morning to tell me I won a car. Sounds like a teenager prank calling people.
Phone number: (830) 351-355
Comment by boot at 2018-12-18 04:29:51 Type: Unknown
Comment: he
Phone number: (310) 905-9943
Comment by michael hedvat at 2018-12-18 00:36:25 Type: Scam
Comment: scam
Phone number: (419) 351-7429
Comment by sandra betts at 2018-12-17 21:39:13 Type: Silence
Comment: call keeps coming to my phone and no one talks
Phone number: (662) 255-6066
Comment by Hate unknown numbers at 2018-12-17 21:16:13 Type: Unknown
Comment: Called, left no message
Phone number: (305) 744-4140
Comment by nangle melissa at 2018-12-17 20:08:59 Type: Scam
Comment: Nike scammer
Phone number: (508) 658-130
Comment by john Pasquale at 2018-12-17 19:30:09 Type: Unknown
Comment: serial caller
Phone number: (785) 827-9183
Comment by justin at 2018-12-17 18:25:58 Type: Prank call
Comment: tired of repeating calls
Phone number: (718) 986-9812
Comment by Tina brown at 2018-12-17 02:43:08 Type: Unknown
Comment: Hung up
Phone number: (561) 578-716
Comment by Barb at 2018-12-16 21:10:37 Type: Unknown
Comment: Keeps calling my cell phone
Phone number: (215) 872-7432
Comment by Brendan Sinni at 2018-12-16 14:55:22 Type: Unknown
Comment: Number keeps calling me
Phone number: (765) 274-7209
Comment by A.Smit at 2018-12-16 13:32:54 Type: Text message
Comment: Shes a real person...
Phone number: (608) 574-2511
Comment by Gerald Tesack at 2018-12-16 07:11:31 Type: Unknown
Comment: No message left?
Phone number: (606) 929-1538
Comment by Kim woods at 2018-12-16 05:18:11 Type: Silence
Comment: No comment
Phone number: (859) 496-4146
Comment by John weagan at 2018-12-16 04:26:39 Type: Silence
Comment: Na
Phone number: (402) 483-1031
Comment by Mary R Smith at 2018-12-15 21:08:03 Type: Unknown
Comment: Want to send a Christmas card to relatives.
Phone number: (954) 816-102
Comment by Herline Saintcius at 2018-12-15 14:25:33 Type: Survey
Comment: Safety reasons
Phone number: (614) 578-4080
Comment by Rk at 2018-12-15 12:20:26 Type: Unknown
Comment: Test
Phone number: (678) 598-4717
Comment by Amber connally at 2018-12-15 02:43:14 Type: Hang up
Comment: Keeps calling and hanging up
Phone number: (904) 687-1584
Comment by Bryan Allee at 2018-12-14 15:44:59 Type: Unknown
Comment: Who does this number belong to. Just give me a name
Phone number: (916) 833-5094
Comment by Shanon bWould rather make you think you’re crazy to tell the truth stay away from this one at 2018-12-14 11:43:55 Type: Cheater
Comment: What makes you think you’re crazy it’s almost too late
Phone number: (608) 247-4100
Comment by Bob Smith at 2018-12-14 00:13:02 Type: Unknown
Comment: Asked for some lady, then hung up...
Phone number: (310) 402-7554
Comment by Richard at 2018-12-13 20:08:44 Type: Unknown
Comment: Hang up
Phone number: (713) 829-595
Comment by Gwen at 2018-12-13 19:52:10 Type: Silence
Comment: no one there
Phone number: (720) 289-5918
Comment by Brandon at 2018-12-13 19:29:30 Type: Hang up
Comment: No comment
Phone number: (617) 373-2293
Comment by Kathe Chan at 2018-12-13 01:53:30 Type: Unknown
Comment: Want to give it a check.
Phone number: (309) 262-7096
Comment by bob at 2018-12-12 21:08:50 Type: Unknown
Comment: someone keeps calling me
Phone number: (250) 785-6920
Comment by Sophie Grey at 2018-12-12 18:38:41 Type: Unknown
Comment: Called. Left no message. IDK anyone in British Columbia.
Phone number: (323) 422-1342
Comment by Raymond Quinonez at 2018-12-12 12:09:27 Type: Silence
Comment: number call i answered and no one said anything
Phone number: (512) 744-6688
Comment by HD at 2018-12-12 00:00:12 Type: Telemarketer
Comment: Tax filing telemarketer