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Phone number: (917) 284-1683
Comment by HY at 2019-09-05 21:54:35 Type: Unknown
Comment: Who kept calling?
Phone number: (559) 697-1525
Comment by Gigdy jotc at 2019-09-05 21:40:13 Type: Unknown
Comment: Dguuy
Phone number: (407) 547-1729
Comment by AG at 2019-09-05 21:28:10 Type: Unknown
Comment: Unknown caller.
Phone number: (281) 806-1912
Comment by Thomas Land at 2019-09-05 21:22:15 Type: Unknown
Comment: I don't know who this is.
Phone number: (320) 290-408
Comment by Eric at 2019-09-05 21:08:56 Type: Unknown
Comment: ?
Phone number: (714) 206-1732
Comment by Maggie Villanueva at 2019-09-05 20:29:05 Type: Unknown
Comment: No comment.
Phone number: (214) 772-54
Comment by Frank Wuldroff at 2019-09-05 19:59:21 Type: Telemarketer
Comment: Keeps calling me every night
Phone number: (541) 480-796
Comment by J at 2019-09-05 19:24:23 Type: Unknown
Comment: Repeat caller today. I didn't answer and so far they haven't left a message. Probably spam.
Phone number: (718) 705-1009
Comment by Ellen at 2019-09-05 18:16:58 Type: Text message
Comment: Missed call followed by unsolicited weight loss text message.
Phone number: (231) 907-1188
Comment by Piet at 2019-09-05 17:19:57 Type: Unknown
Comment: My husbamd is cheating with the person that owns this
Phone number: (919) 648-1694
Comment by Tina at 2019-09-05 17:13:11 Type: Scam
Comment: Scam text!
Phone number: (919) 648-1694
Comment by Tina at 2019-09-05 17:12:40 Type: Scam
Comment: Scam text!
Phone number: (423) 404-317
Comment by Emily at 2019-09-05 16:55:45 Type: Hang up
Comment: Called me then wouldnt answer and texted me saying I'm a scammer???? So I think they are hackers.
Phone number: (561) 574-252
Comment by Lisa at 2019-09-05 16:49:13 Type: Cheater
Comment: Trying to catch a cheater
Phone number: (219) 218-759
Comment by Sam at 2019-09-05 16:33:27 Type: Hang up
Comment: asd
Phone number: (951) 302-1643
Comment by Loubelou at 2019-09-05 16:26:41 Type: Hang up
Comment: Another in the long list of CA based telephone numbers being used to conduct nuisance calls. My call guardian handles it and no message left. Beware. This number is assigned to Burger King in Temecula CA.
Phone number: (951) 237-1950
Comment by Loubelou at 2019-09-05 16:23:23 Type: Hang up
Comment: This number is a nuisance or scam call. My call guardian terminates it - but likely a scam caller as no message left. Beware!
Phone number: (904) 415-1058
Comment by Jen Smith at 2019-09-05 16:00:36 Type: Unknown
Comment: None
Phone number: (229) 237-516
Comment by Bob Tom at 2019-09-05 15:27:47 Type: Unknown
Comment: no comment
Phone number: (229) 237-516
Comment by Bob tom at 2019-09-05 15:09:11 Type: Unknown
Comment: no comment
Phone number: (770) 250-1241
Comment by Lisa Smith at 2019-09-05 14:51:09 Type: Scam
Comment: Prank job caller
Phone number: (706) 402-942
Comment by Heather at 2019-09-05 14:19:49 Type: Unknown
Comment: Hangup
Phone number: (740) 497-1241
Comment by Angela at 2019-09-05 14:01:52 Type: Cheater
Comment: I'm just curious to whom my boyfriend is talking to
Phone number: (317) 590-1009
Comment by d smith at 2019-09-05 13:46:35 Type: Unknown
Comment: question
Phone number: (909) 319-1631
Comment by nellytarek at 2019-09-05 09:30:25 Type: Unknown
Comment: like
Phone number: (714) 333-334
Comment by M.D.S. at 2019-09-05 08:24:29 Type: Text message
Comment: Hilton Hotel Commercial Castings
Phone number: (209) 818-6358
Comment by Ajay Motwani at 2019-09-05 05:17:54 Type: Silence
Comment: Need to know.
Phone number: (407) 572-1851
Comment by Rick at 2019-09-05 04:59:17 Type: Hang up
Comment: Wierd
Phone number: (540) 459-232
Comment by Rose Sandstrom at 2019-09-05 03:35:27 Type: Unknown
Comment: Don't know who it is
Phone number: (678) 967-1054
Comment by Brian whitt at 2019-09-05 02:49:12 Type: Unknown
Comment: It was in my phone as a contact for an app
Phone number: (218) 202-1197
Comment by Troy Hammer at 2019-09-05 02:08:57 Type: Unknown
Comment: Don't know this number
Phone number: (806) 658-687
Comment by Ilene at 2019-09-05 01:31:04 Type: Hang up
Comment: Trying to fight with me
Phone number: (937) 790-489
Comment by Sue at 2019-09-05 01:01:03 Type: Unknown
Comment: Know it's a friend.. just dont have number in phone
Phone number: (503) 580-2300
Comment by Alma Amador at 2019-09-05 00:58:00 Type: Unknown
Comment: None
Phone number: (504) 330-1136
Comment by stephanie johnson at 2019-09-05 00:51:24 Type: Hang up
Comment: i was just checking to see who was calling
Phone number: (803) 373-5997
Comment by Robert E at 2019-09-05 00:46:09 Type: Scam
Comment: No reply, no one answered me when I picked up and said hello. BLOCK IT!
Phone number: (281) 304-1130
Comment by unavailable at 2019-09-05 00:31:18 Type: Scam
Comment: Left message; claimed Social Security compromised. I did not return call.
Phone number: (860) 389-7829
Comment by Heather at 2019-09-04 23:56:54 Type: Unknown
Comment: Caller hangs up.
Phone number: (831) 264-1121
Comment by Scam buster at 2019-09-04 23:56:49 Type: Telemarketer
Comment: this number calls me several times a week, sometimes several times in a day
Phone number: (253) 777-996
Comment by Kerin Hawkinson at 2019-09-04 23:48:48 Type: Unknown
Comment: They called and didn't leave a message
Phone number: (518) 332-1531
Comment by Mary Smith at 2019-09-04 23:34:45 Type: Unknown
Comment: I'm getting calls from this number daily. No messages are left.
Phone number: (541) 992-1478
Comment by Jennifer Griffin at 2019-09-04 22:36:12 Type: Unknown
Comment: They keep calling and hanging up
Phone number: (540) 519-699
Comment by xxx at 2019-09-04 21:31:30 Type: Unknown
Comment: cars extended warranty
Phone number: (850) 473-755
Comment by Jerry Bennett at 2019-09-04 21:08:00 Type: Unknown
Comment: Trying to reach company to provide tech assist
Phone number: (845) 629-620
Comment by Isabelle Mendez at 2019-09-04 20:30:21 Type: Unknown
Comment: who's this person
Phone number: (304) 457-1262
Comment by Joshua at 2019-09-04 20:23:55 Type: Unknown
Comment: Vsbsjsidjjd
Phone number: (251) 463-1955
Comment by S san at 2019-09-04 20:08:00 Type: Unknown
Comment: Lookup
Phone number: (912) 332-1724
Comment by Lavinia Givens at 2019-09-04 20:07:05 Type: Scam
Comment: Scam
Phone number: (775) 623-230
Comment by Joe blow at 2019-09-04 19:21:42 Type: Unknown
Comment: Be helping this crappy website didn't charge for public information
Phone number: (847) 265-1582
Comment by Linda at 2019-09-04 19:04:35 Type: Unknown
Comment: No answer when picked up phone. Think it was voice activated call. Beware
Phone number: (414) 576-1187
Comment by Joena at 2019-09-04 19:02:38 Type: Silence
Comment: wondering who it was
Phone number: (503) 803-1094
Comment by Steely Dan at 2019-09-04 18:53:30 Type: Hang up
Comment: Why should I share info to free lookup that asks you to pay, it's just ridiculous the way you get away with it but I know you can so you do it no matter how unlawful it sounds FREE for $XX @Is not FREE and what else are you going to charge me for, there is a five dollar FINE FOR WHININ, PAY UP earn your money and stop ripping people off!
Phone number: (815) 932-1677
Comment by nun busn at 2019-09-04 18:38:45 Type: Unknown
Comment: if this is public records ther should not be any charges, you are no better than scammers that place these calls
Phone number: (509) 295-1786
Comment by fred at 2019-09-04 18:23:28 Type: Unknown
Comment: unknown
Phone number: (919) 810-1704
Comment by michale at 2019-09-04 18:03:15 Type: Unknown
Comment: yes
Phone number: (512) 309-8100
Comment by Arah at 2019-09-04 17:45:29 Type: Cheater
Comment: Messing with my husband
Phone number: (662) 825-1399
Comment by POPLO at 2019-09-04 17:35:39 Type: Cheater
Comment: 656
Phone number: (917) 243-1653
Comment by Sinclair at 2019-09-04 17:28:27 Type: Telemarketer
Comment: Calls and calls again until answered. No one speaks. Family member says real estate. Of so remove from listing.
Phone number: (720) 305-259
Comment by Thakor Jigar at 2019-09-04 13:57:25 Type: Unknown
Comment: Call Information
Phone number: (407) 982-190
Comment by Christine L Hepperle at 2019-09-04 10:41:19 Type: Unknown
Comment: Address
Phone number: (623) 363-757
Comment by Tom at 2019-09-04 10:34:11 Type: Unknown
Comment: Random texts
Phone number: (419) 980-1871
Comment by Chantel Smith at 2019-09-04 09:58:05 Type: Unknown
Comment: Unknown
Phone number: (510) 383-1050
Comment by aff at 2019-09-04 09:33:51 Type: Survey
Comment: ds
Phone number: (763) 634-673
Comment by John peters at 2019-09-04 06:32:39 Type: Hang up
Comment: Who's number
Phone number: (912) 520-1940
Comment by Levi Johnson rd at 2019-09-04 06:09:46 Type: Cheater
Comment: I am her husband and I want to know what she's doing
Phone number: (608) 217-5179
Comment by Kevin at 2019-09-04 04:50:09 Type: Unknown
Comment: Automated message
Phone number: (410) 313-1770
Comment by George at 2019-09-04 03:31:10 Type: Unknown
Comment: Caller ID says "Howard County Government", but other listings say "Frank Skinner" I have never known a government agency to call people at 20:30.
Phone number: (702) 498-215
Comment by Calamity at 2019-09-04 02:45:16 Type: Cheater
Comment: Home wrecker
Phone number: (865) 679-1098
Comment by Melissa at 2019-09-04 01:33:10 Type: Scam
Comment: A foreign sounding Someone is spoofing this number to call about debt services
Phone number: (757) 443-1134
Comment by US Federal Govnment at 2019-09-04 01:18:29 Type: Unknown
Comment: I DON'T KNOW Anyone from this number calls all over telephone log
Phone number: (407) 371-740
Comment by Mirella at 2019-09-04 00:51:45 Type: Unknown
Comment: Second time this number calls
Phone number: (256) 217-1485
Comment by Tired of calls at 2019-09-03 23:51:56 Type: Telemarketer
Comment: Scam. Credit card telemarketers. When I got someone on the phone and told him to take me off the call list he hung g up on me .
Phone number: (706) 551-66
Comment by Ham at 2019-09-03 23:43:10 Type: Text message
Comment: Received a text from this number claiming to be Heather from Facebook, trying to start a conversation. I am not on Facebook. Seemed very fishy.
Phone number: (978) 875-1541
Comment by Jane Doe at 2019-09-03 23:02:34 Type: Unknown
Comment: Hangup
Phone number: (817) 566-622
Comment by Linda Ireland at 2019-09-03 22:50:15 Type: Unknown
Comment: Who is calling
Phone number: (602) 570-1435
Comment by Melinda at 2019-09-03 22:40:50 Type: Silence
Comment: got call from thus number with breathing into phone. silence.
Phone number: (325) 236-1572
Comment by Kory Field at 2019-09-03 22:19:07 Type: Unknown
Comment: U
Phone number: (310) 720-6789
Comment by som dun at 2019-09-03 21:30:25 Type: Silence
Comment: checking in
Phone number: (352) 347-1355
Comment by Lorraine Clark at 2019-09-03 21:22:22 Type: Unknown
Comment: They keep calling me
Phone number: (205) 746-131
Comment by Police department at 2019-09-03 20:33:48 Type: Unknown
Comment: Call me
Phone number: (360) 535-113
Comment by Ray at 2019-09-03 20:10:35 Type: Unknown
Comment: ??
Phone number: (912) 682-1803
Comment by rmmiller at 2019-09-03 20:10:19 Type: Scam
Comment: Scam caller... pretending to be representing an auto warranty Dept
Phone number: (919) 495-93
Comment by Amy at 2019-09-03 18:43:33 Type: Unknown
Comment: Left no message. Robo call.
Phone number: (813) 765-1974
Comment by Michelle Thomas at 2019-09-03 18:41:03 Type: Cheater
Comment: Cheater
Phone number: (360) 208-1462
Comment by Callie at 2019-09-03 18:33:47 Type: Unknown
Comment: Calls multiple times a day never leaves a message
Phone number: (352) 434-1930
Comment by Niccolai at 2019-09-03 18:17:06 Type: Unknown
Comment: I received a call from this number. I am trying to determine if this is someone I know.
Phone number: (970) 776-8647
Comment by Lisa Everson at 2019-09-03 18:08:05 Type: Unknown
Comment: This is MY phone number and NONE of the information listed above is correct.
Phone number: (408) 596-1679
Comment by hhh at 2019-09-03 16:32:26 Type: Unknown
Comment: he asked me for 300$ and now not picking the phone
Phone number: (209) 818-6358
Comment by Ajay at 2019-09-03 12:16:26 Type: Silence
Comment: Looking for a friend
Phone number: (209) 818-6358
Comment by Ajay at 2019-09-03 12:15:30 Type: Silence
Comment: Looking for a friend
Phone number: (661) 714-470
Comment by Valarie torres at 2019-09-03 10:31:59 Type: Cheater
Comment: Seen ex girlfriend
Phone number: (417) 576-1235
Comment by Tom Meert at 2019-09-03 09:58:10 Type: Unknown
Comment: no comment
Phone number: (347) 548-1052
Comment by Dayana agua at 2019-09-03 09:33:08 Type: Text message
Comment: I think he is cheating
Phone number: (478) 494-753
Comment by Melanie Winegard at 2019-09-03 08:20:05 Type: Unknown
Comment: Unknown
Phone number: (813) 352-1322
Comment by Kathy Chancey at 2019-09-03 05:53:53 Type: Cheater
Comment: This is a number that my husband calls every night around 7:PM the he goes on a walk for an hour....
Phone number: (330) 614-1985
Comment by Amy f at 2019-09-03 05:12:06 Type: Text message
Comment: Vulger texts
Phone number: (718) 844-1821
Comment by edison at 2019-09-03 05:04:06 Type: Unknown
Comment: no comment
Phone number: (212) 520-1284
Comment by HIRO at 2019-09-03 04:58:41 Type: Unknown
Comment: got call through SKYPE
Phone number: (719) 569-998
Comment by Terri Brown at 2019-09-03 04:25:40 Type: Unknown
Comment: Wheres this number located?
Phone number: (925) 998-391
Comment by Colene Book at 2019-09-03 04:20:02 Type: Unknown
Comment: don't know caller id