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Phone number: (941) 536-1101
Comment by Janice smith at 2019-04-17 00:01:42 Type: Hang up
Comment: Idk who it is
Phone number: (352) 215-1402
Comment by Rj gorrell at 2019-04-16 23:49:05 Type: Unknown
Comment: Just want to know who owner is
Phone number: (915) 204-2263
Comment by Richard at 2019-04-16 23:24:43 Type: Prank call
Comment: Caller asked for me and then hung up
Phone number: (623) 628-1419
Comment by Sue lee at 2019-04-16 23:06:14 Type: Unknown
Comment: Dont know
Phone number: (925) 354-2830
Comment by Melissa at 2019-04-16 22:22:34 Type: Cheater
Comment: Not cool
Phone number: (714) 721-1139
Comment by Unknown caller at 2019-04-16 21:50:56 Type: Hang up
Comment: Hang up
Phone number: (805) 636-1608
Comment by Leslie DelaCruz at 2019-04-16 19:52:08 Type: Survey
Comment: Trying to figure this out.
Phone number: (510) 578-3982
Comment by Ron at 2019-04-16 19:11:32 Type: Scam
Comment: Tried to get my social. Said that my social had been legal enforcement action taken against my ss#.
Phone number: (715) 923-1484
Comment by DB at 2019-04-16 17:22:56 Type: Unknown
Comment: NA
Phone number: (603) 674-1469
Comment by Jaycen Birmingham at 2019-04-16 15:09:19 Type: Unknown
Comment: Construction contact..
Phone number: (513) 428-9109
Comment by Amber Jenkins at 2019-04-16 14:21:31 Type: Political call
Comment: Asargio Stephens- All information is
Phone number: (513) 428-9109
Comment by David Lane at 2019-04-16 14:08:54 Type: Text message
Comment: David- Thanks sooooo much for fixing my car- you are a lifesaver!
Phone number: (270) 231-184
Comment by e girv at 2019-04-16 10:47:24 Type: Unknown
Comment: idk
Phone number: (803) 309-105
Comment by Sharon at 2019-04-16 05:08:46 Type: Unknown
Comment: Just wanted to know
Phone number: (315) 370-1006
Comment by JDen1952 at 2019-04-16 04:47:59 Type: Unknown
Comment: One ring and hang up. Suspect it's a telemarketer using a spoofed number.
Phone number: (260) 408-925
Comment by Carolyn klien at 2019-04-16 03:55:03 Type: Hang up
Comment: Who was it
Phone number: (623) 680-6322
Comment by jd at 2019-04-16 02:30:31 Type: Scam
Comment: Person used this cell number deactivating my information and adding her cell numbers to access my account.
Phone number: (760) 532-1917
Comment by Brian at 2019-04-16 02:21:49 Type: Scam
Comment: Unknown number
Phone number: (704) 877-975
Comment by Jim Potterf at 2019-04-16 02:18:17 Type: Unknown
Comment: Just checking.
Phone number: (479) 774-1747
Comment by Lisa Vaughan at 2019-04-16 02:17:15 Type: Unknown
Comment: Called, rang no message left. Do not know this numbet
Phone number: (419) 822-1487
Comment by Randy Williams at 2019-04-16 01:34:44 Type: Text message
Comment: unknown #
Phone number: (214) 301-503
Comment by Rollie at 2019-04-16 00:55:21 Type: Scam
Comment: A computerized female voice claims to be from Social Security, and that my SS# has been suspended. Says I need to call them at that number to clear up the matter.
Phone number: (262) 909-1446
Comment by Cindy at 2019-04-16 00:49:43 Type: Unknown
Comment: This number calls my cell. I don't answer & they don't leave a voicemail.
Phone number: (509) 701-1396
Comment by ryan at 2019-04-16 00:00:10 Type: Scam
Comment: calls and when pick up a beep and then the hang up
Phone number: (912) 508-1502
Comment by ? at 2019-04-15 23:27:02 Type: Unknown
Comment: ........
Phone number: (360) 471-981
Comment by Mike at 2019-04-15 23:23:15 Type: Unknown
Comment: Is it a business
Phone number: (413) 387-1761
Comment by annoyed at 2019-04-15 22:42:40 Type: Unknown
Comment: This number calls me, robovoice says press 1 to accept this call. Numerous times so far, I will not press 1.
Phone number: (423) 743-466
Comment by Rick Hoyle at 2019-04-15 22:21:03 Type: Unknown
Comment: Need Name
Phone number: (320) 309-531
Comment by Hannah Bentley at 2019-04-15 21:39:52 Type: Scam
Comment: I want them
Phone number: (651) 739-1602
Comment by Kiss my ass !!!!!!!!!!!!! at 2019-04-15 20:38:48 Type: Unknown
Comment: Kiss my ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phone number: (951) 334-1013
Comment by Alisa poplofsky at 2019-04-15 20:21:24 Type: Unknown
Comment: Curious
Phone number: (214) 301-503
Comment by sls at 2019-04-15 20:09:37 Type: Scam
Comment: Social Security SCAM!!!
Phone number: (561) 945-771
Comment by Penny Lane at 2019-04-15 19:52:10 Type: Telemarketer
Comment: Comcast 3rd party solicitor / telemarketer claiming they might be able to offer better rates for their services. If Comcast wants to offer lower rates for what I currently have, they could just remove the amount from my monthly bill without calling me every other day.
Phone number: (206) 667-5460
Comment by hgkjh at 2019-04-15 18:14:05 Type: Unknown
Comment: no
Phone number: (518) 602-3060
Comment by Rajkumar jain at 2019-04-15 17:13:28 Type: Non-profit organization
Comment: Wanted reality
Phone number: (937) 244-936
Comment by Mike mayo at 2019-04-15 15:21:35 Type: Unknown
Comment: None
Phone number: (646) 702-3447
Comment by Nivedita at 2019-04-15 10:20:28 Type: Non-profit organization
Comment: I would like to connect with this personal who is working with UN on social research
Phone number: (303) 506-1000
Comment by tom jon at 2019-04-15 09:04:57 Type: Unknown
Comment: a tulajdonos ki
Phone number: (512) 828-1106
Comment by Monica at 2019-04-14 23:13:56 Type: Scam
Comment: They tried 3 fraudulent transactions on my bank card via cash app
Phone number: (250) 305-2233
Comment by Moore Tuah at 2019-04-14 18:14:08 Type: Hang up
Comment: Looking for my aunt
Phone number: (925) 231-932
Comment by Gina at 2019-04-14 10:01:56 Type: Scam
Comment: Scam? Not sure. Call comes up as K. Schultze, but when you don't answer, it has a message stating that its from an inmate at the Contra Costa County Jail. A nice man asked me if I was a bail bond company and when I said I was not, he asked me to call his girlfriend and tell her that he needs to be bailed out. I called the number he gave me and left a message, but she didn't answer. I am not sure if the CCC jail would have a phone number that would come up as a personal phone number...scam? not sure.
Phone number: (269) 369-1802
Comment by tyrone at 2019-04-14 09:54:40 Type: Unknown
Comment: wanna know who this is
Phone number: (954) 501-1582
Comment by Reporting crime at 2019-04-14 09:36:17 Type: Unknown
Comment: Drug dealer
Phone number: (509) 575-1642
Comment by Kriten stewart at 2019-04-14 05:14:26 Type: Unknown
Comment: Left a voicemail of my marriage ceremony and unknown to how they tapped into it
Phone number: (205) 401-7863
Comment by T Green at 2019-04-14 03:01:50 Type: Unknown
Comment: Ife
Phone number: (606) 794-20
Comment by Angel at 2019-04-13 21:06:44 Type: Unknown
Comment: This phone number belongs to Jeremiah Anderson
Phone number: (812) 620-1999
Comment by Kelly at 2019-04-13 13:07:07 Type: Hang up
Comment: Hangs up!
Phone number: (314) 488-922
Comment by Sandy at 2019-04-13 11:54:25 Type: Unknown
Comment: Don't know yet
Phone number: (506) 857-1909
Comment by Muhammad Mohsin Khan at 2019-04-13 10:27:22 Type: Unknown
Comment: Just I want verify this number of construction company
Phone number: (661) 292-749
Comment by Brittany sanchez at 2019-04-13 07:39:06 Type: Cheater
Comment: I know my husband is lying to me about who he's talking to I really need help you won't let me get into his phone or even touch his wallet or pants
Phone number: (360) 386-1281
Comment by John Smith at 2019-04-13 04:15:34 Type: Scam
Comment: Person is a black mailer use fake messenger andcface profile talks for awhile then video calls without any warning unclothed and tries to say she a likes you and will then blackmail you.
Phone number: (270) 319-1682
Comment by Sandra Downard at 2019-04-13 03:05:22 Type: Hang up
Comment: Did not say who they were
Phone number: (360) 623-1580
Comment by G boyce at 2019-04-13 01:49:05 Type: Unknown
Comment: Missed call, Called back and said number was no longer in service.
Phone number: (210) 757-310
Comment by Mylinda Raley at 2019-04-13 00:47:05 Type: Unknown
Comment: Called & said Granddaughter gave false information on SS or IRS
Phone number: (949) 370-18
Comment by dale at 2019-04-13 00:34:50 Type: Unknown
Comment: idk
Phone number: (717) 322-1045
Comment by Margo Castaneda at 2019-04-13 00:08:36 Type: Cheater
Comment: He cheated on me. Ignore him.
Phone number: (209) 266-8330
Comment by Kathy Gill at 2019-04-12 23:51:26 Type: Unknown
Comment: Appears to be a tech recruiter.
Phone number: (503) 516-7676
Comment by joe at 2019-04-12 22:44:34 Type: Unknown
Comment: none
Phone number: (816) 446-1902
Comment by NA at 2019-04-12 22:40:55 Type: Unknown
Comment: Not sure
Phone number: (202) 276-432
Comment by OAG at 2019-04-12 22:08:06 Type: Scam
Comment: The consumer received a voicemail from the number: 202-276-0432 stating she would need to pick up a package on behalf of the Consulate. The caller had her wire transfer $13,000, and $16,000. They stated if she did not send money, she would be arrested.
Phone number: (715) 682-1733
Comment by Turbo at 2019-04-12 20:52:47 Type: Prank call
Comment: Grow update
Phone number: (803) 612-1327
Comment by Betty at 2019-04-12 20:51:31 Type: Unknown
Comment: Who is this?
Phone number: (301) 471-513
Comment by Chris McGrath at 2019-04-12 20:38:24 Type: Unknown
Comment: 3 calls in 4 minutes; no voicemail.
Phone number: (214) 385-2086
Comment by Jp at 2019-04-12 20:33:58 Type: Unknown
Comment: Who is calling me from this number?
Phone number: (479) 263-1043
Comment by Don trump at 2019-04-12 19:37:16 Type: Unknown
Comment: Called but left No Message
Phone number: (951) 965-283
Comment by laura scovel at 2019-04-12 19:11:25 Type: Unknown
Comment: ??
Phone number: (706) 300-1516
Comment by Chris at 2019-04-12 18:47:48 Type: Hang up
Comment: Answered call and they hung up the phone
Phone number: (832) 971-1394
Comment by Farhan at 2019-04-12 18:31:22 Type: Unknown
Comment: Cheated
Phone number: (501) 205-205
Comment by William Patrick Hunt at 2019-04-12 08:32:10 Type: Unknown
Comment: None
Phone number: (731) 221-5
Comment by Ronica at 2019-04-12 06:48:45 Type: Telemarketer
Comment: Yall gave me nothing.
Phone number: (570) 726-1392
Comment by Julie dennis at 2019-04-12 05:06:43 Type: Unknown
Comment: Idk
Phone number: (440) 231-1146
Comment by Twin Beaseo at 2019-04-12 04:56:53 Type: Unknown
Comment: Cool
Phone number: (931) 335-1784
Comment by Zach at 2019-04-12 03:34:07 Type: Prank call
Comment: Prank caller several times
Phone number: (925) 606-1232
Comment by Gus gusserson at 2019-04-12 02:17:42 Type: Unknown
Comment: Meh
Phone number: (253) 376-6699
Comment by jules at 2019-04-12 02:04:52 Type: Unknown
Comment: It was a recorded voice acting like an actual person that wanted to talk about my credit card, no problems with it but... I hung up
Phone number: (270) 227-6148
Comment by Anastasia Beaverhousen at 2019-04-12 01:30:45 Type: Unknown
Comment: If you do not get this phone number off of this websight You will be hearing from my lawyers. This number is not for public sale and any number procured by data mining or any other illegal means will be subject to a class action suit I’m looking into. Any questions? Send them via mail to Studio Main Hair Salon US 641 north 1306D Murray Ky. 42071
Phone number: (650) 349-4232
Comment by Jay So at 2019-04-11 23:41:06 Type: Survey
Comment: None
Phone number: (740) 701-189
Comment by Dan smith at 2019-04-11 21:59:00 Type: Cheater
Comment: Who owns this phone?
Phone number: (817) 219-1466
Comment by Earl Snyder at 2019-04-11 21:15:41 Type: Prank call
Comment: Calls and shouts "Stop calling me!" Have never placed a call to this number
Phone number: (562) 404-9188
Comment by Giampaolo Bulleri at 2019-04-11 21:11:33 Type: Silence
Comment: Silence or a intermittent beep
Phone number: (563) 320-1698
Comment by Roberta Blaesi at 2019-04-11 21:08:49 Type: Scam
Comment: Credit card scam
Phone number: (781) 751-8711
Comment by John Hauge at 2019-04-11 20:01:57 Type: Hang up
Comment: Hang up
Phone number: (713) 772-540
Comment by S Woods at 2019-04-11 17:38:55 Type: Unknown
Comment: have been getting calls from people unknown. Caller does not leave message. happening on daily basis.
Phone number: (909) 625-1350
Comment by Hardip singh at 2019-04-11 17:34:29 Type: Text message
Comment: Hello
Phone number: (704) 208-1483
Comment by Tony at 2019-04-11 11:33:02 Type: Text message
Comment: Not sure
Phone number: (347) 217-1175
Comment by Cee at 2019-04-11 02:41:51 Type: Silence
Comment: Keeps calling and doesn't leave a message.
Phone number: (904) 310-1706
Comment by Jeff at 2019-04-11 00:28:08 Type: Unknown
Comment: No problem
Phone number: (804) 544-35
Comment by Ann at 2019-04-10 23:31:40 Type: Silence
Comment: Has called several times before and just hangs up after 10 seconds.
Phone number: (740) 454-1323
Comment by K Culp at 2019-04-10 22:55:13 Type: Silence
Comment: Complete silence
Phone number: (281) 697-857
Comment by k at 2019-04-10 22:04:17 Type: Scam
Comment: social security scam. said my number was suspended press 1....
Phone number: (317) 395-917
Comment by james at 2019-04-10 21:47:38 Type: Unknown
Comment: No v message
Phone number: (859) 283-302
Comment by Frank Sinatra at 2019-04-10 21:30:01 Type: Unknown
Comment: Just called
Phone number: (704) 775-1776
Comment by Kim at 2019-04-10 21:07:56 Type: Unknown
Comment: Pretending to be me
Phone number: (704) 775-1776
Comment by Kim at 2019-04-10 21:03:59 Type: Unknown
Comment: Pretending to be me
Phone number: (706) 573-663
Comment by J justin at 2019-04-10 20:31:10 Type: Unknown
Comment: I received a text by this # @ 1:13 am
Phone number: (706) 432-1504
Comment by ahmed eid at 2019-04-10 19:53:20 Type: Survey
Phone number: (740) 360-549
Comment by B at 2019-04-10 18:50:12 Type: Unknown
Comment: Got a call from this number (740-360-0549) but they didn't leave a message. Spam likely.
Phone number: (772) 774-1303
Comment by Opal at 2019-04-10 18:06:10 Type: Unknown
Comment: I don't know
Phone number: (904) 680-8837
Comment by Robert Jones at 2019-04-10 10:55:46 Type: Unknown
Comment: Wierd text
Phone number: (903) 517-1494
Comment by Sue at 2019-04-10 10:24:00 Type: Unknown
Comment: Yh